Earth Art

Integrated Science 2

Extra Credit

By contributing to Earth Art students can earn critical points towards their current term grades.  Students contribute to Mr. Martella’s Earth Art program by capturing and presenting natural images via photographs, drawings and paintings, or written expressions. These artistic interpretations will be evaluated and assigned a point value proportional to the amount of thought and work that went into the piece.


August 2008 181.JPG

Actual photographs must be presented.  Photographs must be representative of natural landscape scenes or of human ingenuity (new technologies). No photos may be submitted via ipod or cell phone.  Students may e-mail digital photographs to Mr. Martella at  We can then present these photos to the class using in-class computers and projectors. 

Drawings and Paintings

Drawings and/or paintings must present a natural landscape type scene.  Options are virtually endless here.  The only requirement is that the student puts a serious, honest effort into producing a piece of art that stirs emotion and inspires appreciative thoughts of the beauty of the world around us. 

Written Expressions

These may include poems or other creative writing pieces (such as songs or stories) that convey thought and emotion.  Written works must be grammatically and mechanically sound and can either be typed or written. There is no length requirement, but the content must show a connection with a natural scene or a topic of science.